Wednesday, April 22, 2009

AVM News....

One Year Later…

It’s astonishing to realize a year ago today my life was turned upside down.

One year ago, I was residing in gorgeous Malibu, California living out all my wildest dreams. I had a precious 6 month old baby and an adoring husband in law school at Pepperdine. We were leaders in our church and soaking up all that Southern California had to offer. I was incredibly blessed in almost every way, from my abilities in public speaking to my looks to my intelligence. I had always won everything and achieved most any dream I had put my mind to. I married my prince Charming and thought I would live happily ever after. I ‘had it all’ in a way, and in an instant, it was all gone...

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It is amazing to watch a AVM patient come this far. And in one year!!

Last night I tryed to do something that I use to do before the pop. I was do a commentary on American Idol.

It SUX! (but that is the bad news) The good news is that I can tell it sux, and can think of ways to make it better.

okay eneought abaout Amarican Idol. <--- That is the way I spell it.
GWAR - Much Music New Music Seminar 1989
I can't believe we actually use to listen to this GWAR.

If you feel the need to own some of this...

okay bye-bye...

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