Saturday, April 18, 2009

Well that was strange... AVM and Me.

I lost my computer yesterday... and I'm connecting on a neighbors network...
luckily there were no news about avm's yesterday.

Strange I got hiccups the day before yesterday... and they stayed all day long... I went to the Dr. and he gave me a prescription for a med that they give to psics. it is Thorazine. To help with hiccups.

He also sent me off to get a chest x-ray, for phenomena, and is scheduling a MRI. Seems that no quit hiccups is a sine of a bleed. The next few days should be interesting.

I was told something that I don't remember, I had hiccups when I had the bleed.

okay enough of me..
PS, have been thinking of signing a DNR order... what do you think?

Pop Musik ( or "Pop Music", if you prefer ) "M"

God it has been sometime sense I have thought of them... They were grate!
buy some "M"

iggy pop - i'm bored
That's for a friend of mine...

and that's that....

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