Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Down to two... on American Idol!

Well after tonight we'll be down to two...

hummmm who could it be... could it be Kris?

Could it be Adam?

Could it be Danny?

Only time well tell....

Here we go....
This is American Idol!
(Not Really but hey it sounds good)
A Young man from Africa wants to do a song to help his Mother Country kids with AIDS.

I'll give credit... he will get $5 from somebody... Heck I wish I had half of his $5 I could get away from my wife.

Well if you couldn't make it to watch... we got drawn into the long wait... with all three seated on the couch.

Jordin Sparks was the first to entertain us... she did a song that was good... okay I am getting mushy... but she's still hot!

(Katie Peery) Was the next singer... she was just okay...
Now the meat of this post!

First Person... is Kris!!!

Adam is the second...

by by Danny.
Okay so next week is the big show... got any guesses?

go see the rest here... American Idol.

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