Wednesday, May 27, 2009

one for you.... AVM

Read this...
New Jersey Doctors Now Delivering Non-Invasive, Image-Guided Radiosurgery Treatments Using Novalis Tx(TM) Technology

One patient's brain abnormality is treated in a single session; patient goes home that same day

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Minutes after receiving a single, powerful non-invasive radiosurgery treatment, John Sisco, 64, happily walked out of the treatment room without any need for an overnight stay in the hospital, and

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This is the part I normally talk about me... Well I got nothing going on at the minute... other that a questionnaire from UNC. It has one question that may cause me to lose my electability. It is "Do you have any physical or medical condition, such as illness or injury, that may limit the work you can accept?". I have to answer Yes, on that one...

What to do....

I have until tomorrow to deiced.

Tim Curry Paradise Garage..

Look what I found.. damn it's been a long time since I have seen this..

Paradise Garage was on "The Best of Tim Curry"
Currently available in used to like new condition at amazon.. can you believe it sold originally for $9 or so.. now $45 and up!

ain't it cool....


Neo said...

loved him in Rocky Horror, though it almost killed his career. Have kids? ever seen "Gully Forest" think that is the name, its an animated movie with Tim's voice as the "evil charactor" very good as an animated feature (like Lion King or Little Mermaid) Not sure the name "gully forest" is correct but I think that was it.

DelorumRex said...

nope I missed it... I have 4 boys... the youngest is 27.
They came with my wife... she has a husband before me... he is dead.
I have something to say... (but I will keep it to my self.)

Neo said...

weather can be a drag at times. Has so much to do with depression (not that I am) one more day of the threat (rain) and friday looks good, you don't have to publish this, I am asking a personal question here... Do you suffer avm or are you a neurologist?

DelorumRex said...

I have an AVM.
Thanks for the vote of confidence... neurologist... if you saw how long it takes me to type this oy vey!