Monday, June 29, 2009

Facial AVM...

Support Group Team!

Hi Everyone!

How are you? My brother-in-law Jim was just saying that he thought I was doing pretty well, since I hadn't written anything on my blog! Unfortunately I've just been dragging and apparently too drowsy to sit and write! I've been having some problems controlling my pain these days and all the meds I take make me very sleepy! The area near the hole in my ear is really looking bad - very scabby! I haven't been able to get in to see Dr. Zane (ENT) because he is on vacation! He would be debriding the scabbing. I've had lots of drainage from my ear too - goopy stuff, ugh! Gross! Yes folks, this is my life right now! I also haven't been able to see my favorite nurse, Noel @ woundcare because of some changes in the office he works in! Went in a couple weeks ago to find that Noel could not see me, because he only worked for the other doctor in that wound care group! Needless to say I was extremely upset! I was able to switch to the other doctor - but when I arrived for my appt. the following week - I was told Noel was on vacation, so I left! Well now the new doctor I was going to see was upset because I left and now she refuses to see me! The former doctor I was seeing agreed to see me, but now I'm being told that I cannot be guaranteed Noel and I may have to wait until he sees all his other patients, before he can see me! Not sure how that's going to work out, but we'll see on the 2nd of next month!

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The Facial AVM patient above is typical of a facial AVM case. Her's is a little large.


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