Sunday, June 28, 2009

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Aqua Therapy

Yesterday, I did water therapy for the very first time. Jay and Cousin Natalie came as a way of showing support. Sadly, the same issues that plague my body out of the water plague me in the water. There is one notable difference: the consequences! If you fall in the pool, it does not matter as much! I am so excited to keep up this therapy and get closer and closer to my ultimate goal: TO WALK AGAIN!

Putting on a swimsuit and getting in a pool were amazing. The last time I was in a swimming pool was the Friday (April 18, 2008) before my AVM rupture on the 21st. Jay and I took James to swim at Pepperdine’s pool. It was one of his first times to swim, and he loved it. Interestingly, right after we were done swimming, I felt incredibly strange and very faint and I almost couldn’t walk. It quickly passed, and I didn’t think too much of it (an allergic reaction?, morning sickness again!?) but now, I know that it was the beginning of my AVM rupturing.

That could have easily been my last time to take my baby swimming. James loves the water so much now. My mom takes him swimming in the pool at her apartment in LA, and he cries when he has to get out. I now feel like one day, after I get more stable in the water, I can experience that joy with him again. There is something so healing about the water to me. I am so happy to be back in it again!

hear is them....


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