Sunday, August 02, 2009

got one... AVM and silly stuff.

AVM News

Parents take daughter with rare disorder to U.S.

province denies funding

By Jodie Sinnema, Canwest News Service

Brooke VanAssen can't do many of the things other kids her age take for granted: scrub her teeth, roughhouse, gnaw at the inside of her cheek or absent-mindedly pick her nose, as all children do but never admit.

These things put her at risk of hemorrhaging...



Yes it is an AVM of the face.



Me.... I cannot believe it... I am in bed for the day.
This AVM is driving me nutz! and I know that it is not getting better. I want it to bet better... damn it.
I have a bit of a headache... okay I admit it it is a large headache.
but because you come here... (okay I admit it because I like it) I come here and spray my feelings out.

okay let see what youtube has to say...

Country.... Why not...United Breaks Guitars

Halo Music Video Hell... it's funny...

Eminem - Lose Yourself MUSIC VIDEO

or find it yourself...

alright that's a rap... peace

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