Tuesday, August 04, 2009

shoud I start another one with no title?

45 year - M

History (HX):
Seizure for 20 yrs

Huge vascular mass in right cerebral hemisphere which is composed of serpigenous signal void vascular structures, multiple feeding arteries (arising from both anterior and posterior circulation) and draining veins (draining into the superior and right lateral sinuses, vein of Galen and straight sinus)

Diagnosis (DX):Large AVM

it is from here


When will they come out with a cure...
That's it for AVM's today... not a bad haul...
I have made a decision... <---- I can't spell it (thanks yahoo speller) but I made one none-the-less. I am letting my house go behind... God I hope it's correct... but I don't know what to do... shy of hanging myself (kidding) I am going to keep all of my money makers open, for as long as I can. okay enough of that sad sad stuff... youtube...
EliteXC: Heat - Kimbo Slice Vs. Seth Petruzelli

I won't tell you how it ends... but ouch!
and now one for the ages...


Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song

and I had to do it... sorry

Misty Mtn. Hop...

okay... you have suffered enough... ga' day.

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manmit said...

thanks for the awareness i didnt know about this disease go on blogging its good visit my blogs time and again thanks