Monday, August 29, 2005

Hurricanes and loonitics...

Today I am really stuck on what to write about.. I really feel for the people who are getting hit by hurricane Katrine as I am in a small part a survivor of Andrew.
I also have to feel for today’s other big topic, the poor woman who lost her son in the war that is camped out at GW’s ranch. Not that I have lost a son, but I have lost my mind at times, during the grieving process. She has surely lost it.. I am so sorry for her. I understand that she is vulnerable now with all this grief, and feel true contempt for the people like Rev. (HA!) AL Sharpton and that are using her for a mouth piece. I mean that stuff that she is spewing now, has no real basis in reality.. and is exactly what these loonies that are there with her have been saying.. so it is easy to see where she is getting her info from. I do not like this war.. but I really feel bad for this poor woman who is now nothing but a pawn in a big political chess game…
My suggestion to you, is to donate to the red cross.. and perhaps a mental health facility in your area.. together they can make today’s news .. good news.

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