Friday, September 02, 2005

Making money online update..

Well here is the scoop kids.. if you have already read my how to make money online articles.. you need to read this.. if you have not.. stop reading now.. adn go read something worth wasting your time on.
In my last how to page, I wrote about buying ads at adbrite, and maybe even expoactive.. using commission programs found at Well don't bother.. I have spent just about $50 on clicks adn have made $0. I am paying between 5 and 10 cents per click, so my conversion rate sucks. I know that there are people making money using this tactic, but it is not as easy as it looks.

Also, a brief and sad report.

I was a google adsense publisher.. do a search on google for adsense and they will tell you what that means, but basically I have a site and I had google adsense ads running on it. I was banned, as so many other publishers seem to be. I still am not sure why I was dropped, but I was and such is life. But with Google Adsense ads you CAN make money with a website that has traffic. I still advise that if you have a site that gets a thousand or more page views per-day that you sign up for goodle adsense. It really is a great program.
One word of advise, DO NOT, IN ANY SMALL WAY, VIOLATE the TOS!!! I cannot say this strongly enough. Google must do everything it can to protect it's advertisers and banning you for a small infraction will not hurt their bottom line at all.. so DON'T DO IT! If you are tempted to click your own ad (even once) it may be your last paid click.. I am not kidding!!!!

So if you have a sight, go to google type in adsense and follow the clicks to money..

(Google.. if you read this.. I am sorry.. I didn’t mean it.. can I pleassssseeee have my account back? I miss you!)


Anonymous said...

hmm... I have an amazing conversion rate with ExpoActive. Last month it was better than Google.

I guess it just depends what your selling

Anonymous said...

what are you selling?? inquiring minds NEED to know.. :)

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