Friday, September 16, 2005

John Roberts did Bush Blow It?

John Roberts did Bush Blow It?

Pres. Bush had an excellent opportunity to pull a quickie on the Senate, and may still do so with Justice Roberts nomination.
Let us not forget that there are two seats open right now, Sandra Dee’s and Rehnquist’s too.

Robert’s got the Sandra Day O’Connor seat through Bush making him an appointee during the break. But did he have to move him into the Big chair? Seems to me that it would have been more effective for Bush to leave Robert’s in the O’Connor spot, and put a real staunch conservative up for the Chief Justice seat. It would have definitely been quicker than having to sit through two confirmation hearings, and about the time that the Dems would have been getting back from break, all ready to rip into him (Bush) about Robert’s he could have hit them with a real hard line conservative / constructionist. It would at the very least have thrown the Liberals on the panel off balance.
And would only have left them with the option of saying that this was an “Extraordinary circumstance” when they went to filibuster. The threat of a filibuster was enough to turn the stomachs of most people I know that watch these political things, and made the Dems look like sore losers. SO why not push them a little? Perhaps, Bush will attempt to appoint a real hard core con for the next open seat, but to me that tactic looks backwards, and awkwardly used.

Who knows what is running through Bush’s mind at the moment?

I think that Pres. Bush needs to read “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu . I like the James Clavell version best for an introduction to the work. It is an easier read than some more literal and accurate translations.

If anyone that reads this knows our President Bush please pass this little posting on to him.
Or buy him a copy of “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu translated by James Clavell and give it to him as a present from a political entertainment junkie.

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Anonymous said...

a better question would be did Robert's blow Bush?