Friday, September 16, 2005

BBC as pshchic?

I forget the exact wording, but I know the three things and remember the article.

During the 2000 election cycle, the BBC printed and article that said the three things that would most hurt our president / economy, us are
1. A major Hurricane hitting New Orleans
2. A Terrorist attack on New York City
3. A major Earthquake in San Francisco.

If you are reading this and live anywhere in California, I say move to high ground now!

I will now be reading he BBC news feeds for lottery numbers, horoscopes, and stock tips.. cause damn man they got two outta three.. outta the blue!

All in all , I have to give high ratings to the US population. NY rebounded with fervor and tenacity from the 9?11 attacks. Now that the shock is wearing off, if looks like LA, MS, and AL will do the same from the damage inflicted by Katrina.

San Francisco?? I dunno…maybe we should just let them secede from the nation right now? Then when they do start to sink into the pacific we can call it foreign aid ,and we all know that liberals like foreign aid more than anything.. it is only fitting.

Well at any rate, my thoughts are with the hurricane victims, I have not forgotten eh victims of 9/11 and I think that the vast majority of my fellow Americans feel the same way.

I have a thought to share.

It seems in time of need that we all (well most everyone I know) jumps to, to raise money or donate their own money to The Red Cross and The Salvation Army and any number of charities, but how many of us do this in the spaces in between?

I mean treating every day like tomorrow the worst disaster will occur and we want to do something before it is too late? Not many of us, me included. I mean I give a little to the Children’s Miracle Network (Hospital) telethon, I have given money and even time. I give on the rare occasions that I am in a church. I give (donate) to goodwill a couple times a year most years. I have given money and cars and housing to relatives that are down on their luck. But rarely to I give preemptively.

I would like everyone that reads this, to donate something today, to a charity that will be there in the next time of need. Or set up a monthly payment to a charity that helps those in times of disaster or emergency, give today, give tomorrow, give forever. Perhaps the next disaster can strike, and we will hear “we don’t need money, only volunteers” wouldn’t that be nice?

I am going to to make a payment plan, just $20 a month, for the next disaster. Will you do the same?

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