Sunday, September 11, 2005

Another September 11.. as I see it.

As we live another 9-11, and look back on September 11th 2001, we all reflect on where we were and what we were doing when we first saw of heard of the events in NY and DC.

I wonder if now that the shock has warn off, if we care? Do we understand why the hijackers attacked us? Do we care about the thousands that died? Or are we so far separated from those events that they are just another memory of some tragedy that happened to someone else.

I would hope that together as a nation we are closer now than we were on 9-10-2001 , but I don’t see that anywhere outside of perhaps the fire fighting community. Are we stronger as a country? I don’t see that either. All I see is the politicos making hay for upcoming elections, by trying to undermine each other. I see people who will not go into stores that are run my Arabic looking people. I see long lines at airport security checkpoints, I see the patriot act, and the slow erosion of personal freedom.

I wish I could say, I think we are safer, and that the world is a safer place, but I don’t see it that way.
I wish I could say that we as a nation feel a stronger tie to our neighbors, regardless of their color, ethnicity, or beliefs, but I don’t see that either.

I think we may just be screwed. I don’t see a way to easily fix the situation we are in, and had hoped that those we elect to serve us, being smarter, and having more resources than I, would see a way to make things better… but I don’t see it.

We are a divisive society, and as such are doomed, to go the way of so many other forgotten kingdoms. I guess all we can hope , is that whatever comes after us, is more enlightened than we appear to be.

I feel sorry for the victims and families of the victims of all terrorist acts, and I feel that we as a society have betrayed the memories of those fallen innocents, with our seeming insensitivity and our use of their deaths to prop up our own political and financial gains.

We should all be ashamed of ourselves.
The irony, in that statement is that the people who should most feel ashamed, will feel little… at least as I see it.

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