Thursday, August 04, 2005

just some random stuff, that is running through my head.

Why can't I type the word "and", it always seems to come out "adn"? How do people that are by nature assholes get into positions of power? Seems to me that the Meek aren't inheriting much of anything. Why if, people believe that the last two US presidential elections were stolen, there is not any uprising? Could it be that we KNOW we're screwed either way? Using the law of supply and demand.. If demand for Gas and Oil is out pacing our ability to refine oil, why is it that oil prices are so high? Using a standard model, Oil should be $22 - $25 a barrel and gas should be $2.36 a gallon? People should be selling oil cheap as they can to get their stocks into the refineries. Somebody is screwing us... Why is it that if there is an emergency or disaster in the oil business, the price at the pumps goes up within hours. But if oil prices drop, we're told that it will be weeks or months before the effect is seen at the pumps (as it should be, as it does take time to get crude oil through the refinery process)? If we have our panties in such a bunge about gas prices, and the environment, why does the government mandate safety in cars, when those mandates increase weight, and thus lower fuel economy? I know that some people will look at Ralph Naders work in public safety, and say that the manufacturers need to make safe cars, but to you I say.. Can I not buy a motorcycle? And in many places Can I not ride my motorcycle with no helmet? I think that we should be able to have cheap light cars, and wonder why we are seemingly not allowed to have light, efficient cars.. it makes me wonder about the fabled 100 MPG carburetor.. could out government while saying that they are demanding higher and higher cafe standards, actually be insuring that our oil consumption goes up and up? I like the SMART car actually.. but you can’t buy them here as they are sold in Europe.. why? Safety? I don’t think so..

if it ain't SMART, it's ugly You should see the little two seater.. sweet...
If money equals power and power corrupts, then Bill Gates is Satan?

I am a political agnostic.. I don't believe any of them.

I think Bill Clinton had it right.. who doesn't like a stoggie and a BJ after a hard day at work?

I think it was Voltaire that said "Hell is people" if it wasn't I want to be the one given the credit.

Well, 'nuff random brain spew for now.. I got work to do.

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