Monday, January 30, 2006

Getting Flammed.. I kinda like it.

I have been flammed! Flammed by a littel twit who calls himself Tsar Bomb.

Due to a posting error, his last diatribe aganst (his own intellegence) and me was lost. :( I am so freaking heartbroken about it!

I am almost ready to make him famous! Like we did for Nix.. but different.. you know make a few posts about Tsar Bomb.. showing our love for his small minded wit.. and then technoati search him into the top ten.

SO as many people as possibel will know just what kind of itching hemmorid he truly is.. perhpas even google bomb the term Itchy hemmoroid. and have it link to old Tarry...

I so hope that this littel cling-on will come back adn flame me a little more.. so I can demonstrate to you, how lovely a liteel cocksucker he truly is.
(Not that I have anything against cocksuckers.. now on second thought calling Tsar Bomb a cocksucker, is an insult to cocksuckers everywhere)

So in order not to give a bad name to cocksuckers, I will have to say that Old Tarry is a turd sucker..
SO tarry? Any comments? Any more insults you want to lass my way, you piece of steaming, Nasi donky dung!

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