Monday, January 30, 2006

Movie Review Aftermath / Genisis

Aftermath / Genisis: FUCKED UP!

If you have a waek stomach skip it..
Me, I found myself at the end of Aftermath, thinking .. "Well that was some sick-azzed-shit!" and then realizing that I too am sick for watchign the whole thing through. I , if I was not a sicko, would have turned it of as soon as he locked the door.

But you know what, having sat through it, I somehow feel a little less sick.

SO a review wihtout giving anything away.
JESUS NIX this made your top 10!



NixEclips said...

What I like about the combination of both films Aftermath and Genesis is that one is "What happens after we die? We have no control." And the other is "someone" being a new creation and still not having control. Cerda is a fucking genius and he's got a new flick coming out. I'll keep ya posted.

DelorumRex said...

After a stint in the medical field, I normally don't go for outright gore adn carnage.. I guess I have just seen enough of the real thing for a lifetime or two.
But likes I saids.. this was some fucked up shit, that once it drew me in.. had me locked in..
Being the terrabley jaded person that I have become, usually I skip looking for "the deeper meaning" (i.e. the duality of the movie plots, Aftermath/Genisis) but here, played as it was, there became somthing beautiful, in the "birth" as artist gave life to creation.. and the gaining of control/loss of control, was not lost on me.. (even though I consider myself "a bit thick in the noggen".)

I am torn about how, to tell somone that they should watch this film(s) Cerda may just be a genius.

By the way, the autopsy: other than the fact that ther eis very little blood splatter in a typical autopsy, the rest of the "effects" were 100% on. Somone sat and watched autopsies, and had a true genius for re-creating what they had seen in "movie gore". There was only one time, that I could see, where the fact that the body was foam latex (or silicone) could be detected, and that was more the fault of the actor than the prop.
If it were not for some of the more "unusual" aspects of the film, you could use it on young med students, to show then what they are in for, before going off to annatomy class. Talk about genius! WOW.

It should have taken awards for the props/make up.
(Ther eis a word I am thinking of like "mu-lage) for this type of prop/make up.. but I am only abot half way into my first cup of coffee.. and it is stuck just behind the haze of early morning.

Again.. cool.