Friday, February 03, 2006

Cali, vidi vini retreati.. (I came I saw, I ran like hell)

back from Cali biotches! Yea, I know you missed me.. my searing wit and witticisms..

Well LA was a big fat DRAG! It was warmer, sure, but it was work.. I got in at 6:00 LA time 9:00 my time (PM) I got something to eat, some greasy fish and chips, and had a beer (or two and off to bed) slept until 5:am (L.A. Time, 8 am my time) had a few hours to blow so I watched a movie on Stars of HBO whichever it sucked and I do not remember it's name.. or much of the plot.. Meeting at 11:00 went until 4:00 (LA time) I am super tired, so I go get a bite, and back to the room, I am in bed by 5:00 PM LA time.. (8 PM my time) I sleep about 20 minutes and wake up.. damn! Try getting online with the hotel TV internet.. bad idea.. crashes every time I try to write an email , so after an hour of dicking around with it, I give up.. turn the TV on and watch another lame movie that I do not remember much of.. fell asleep about 7:00 (LA Time) wake at 10:00 , 11:00 12:30 and 3:00 at 3:00 I say to hell with it, and call United Airlines, to find out if I can catch an earlier flight.. I am supposed to leave at 1:00 , they say I can grab one at 6:00 out of LAX to Chicago, and then stand by for a flight there home,, it looks good, as the flight is only half booked. (my ass!)

So I get into Chicago at 1:00 PM.. next flight leaves at 1:30.. it is oversold! So next flight leaves at 3:00 .. it is oversold too! FUCKERS!!!

I sweet talk the guy behind the desk.. no I am not gay, but I ain;t proud either. And he reserves me a seat on the 5:00! I get into home at 6:00 and am DEAD tired!

Got home in bed at 9:00 asleep by 10:00 , 11:00 boy calls, he is in Jail.. fucker.. let him rot I say.. at 1:00 another call, another boys girlfriend has gone into labor.. at 5:00 the alarm goes off.. and you wonder why I am a bit cranky!!!

All day spent writing reports.. I hate reports. see them as busy work.. if they were used for any thing of purpose I would see them as a good thing, but my boss likes me to write them , just so he feels like I work for a living (at least that is how it feels sometimes) I was nearly caught up at 6:00 when I came home.. youngest boy (step-son) had baby girl at 1:30 PM 7 pounds , 7 ounces, 20.5" long.. and the first of you that calls me "grandpa" gets a knuckle sandwich.. I am way too young to be anyone's damned grandpa!

Now I am going to have a drink or 12 and watch some television..
Last night I did manage to squeeze in "Cube" a horror flick of sorts.. it is a lot like saw in many aspects.. except this movie started cool with lots of neat effects, and then tried to get into the human story and fell flat on it's face.. by the time everyone had been killed I was cheering for the evil machine.. (Okay I am a bit grumpy.. I already said it) but this movie blew big donkeys!

It could have been so much more had anyone taken the time to do a little more work with the diabolical maze/machine and those behind it.. it looked so promising for the first hour.. them CRAP!

Well nuff for now.. gotta drink to consume!


Anonymous said...

If you would of went to the Goose like I told you to you would of had all the girls all over ya. Next time Iam coming to LA and Iam bring my rope! :)

Anonymous said...

If you would of went to the Goose like I told you to you would of had all the girls all over you. I would of felt the same way stuck at the Hotel alone. Or better next time invite me! I have ways of making a man sleepy :) Two time and you would of been out....... That inless you would like to go for more.