Monday, June 26, 2006

Cemetery Man (re-releised by Anchor Bay)

Review without giving anything away.. gonna be hard to do..
Let me say.. YEA! FUCK YEA!
Italian film..
Re-released by Anchor Bay on DVD just this last weekend..

It is a touch quirky, and carries one of those underlying meanings, that American movie goers have such a hard time with.. Yea I know, I am guilty of a nice soft serve plot line liking from time to time, so no I am not making fun of all you that think the Rambo movies were great.

I give it a 4+ on the beast scale and a 5 on the breast scale..
Sure there were only 2 breasts shown, but they were attached to a woman of astonishing beauty and we all know that two good ones are worth a gaggle of mediocre ones any day of the week.

Heaven should be filled with this gils naked body and plenty of zombies to shoot.

All total.. PUT THIS MOVIE on YOUR OWN list. Or rent it from Inteliflix like a wanker.. I don’t care.

Let me suggest you take a trip to Nix’s places ToA (Tomb of Annubis) and Evilshouldntlookthisgood (a blog where Nixie looses his mind at various speeds, to catch a few more Horror Film Reviews..

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