Monday, June 26, 2006

Tracy Chapman Fast Car.. the Video thank you youtube!

I have always liked this song.. the words really have no special meaning to me, but the tune is haunting.. and I dig the guitar riff.

another song that has a simlar effect on me is this one.
Everlast , What its like..

Once upon a time, I went to go see a singer Roberta Bradly, bperhpas the best live singer I have ever seen, it was right here in Grand Rapids, and I often wonder what she is doing.. and I am a little suuprised that I have not heard her with a numebr one song on the radio.. I got many hours of pleasure out of listening to her, and I think she could have covered this last song well..
Roberta, I miss ya, and your funky blues sound.

Time to go see if I can't download some guitar tabs..

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