Friday, June 09, 2006

help a brother with a stolen side kick! and in other news...

some wanker biotch stole this poor chaps sidekick.. and now all he want's is a little justice..
check it out.

of course he could just be fuckin wit us.. but that's a chance you just gotta take..
go give the man a shoutout.. or tell him to piss up a rope. whichever.. poor chappie needs your support.. and by the sounds of it.. he's gettin' some.

MAL has official lost it.. yes with the release of the latest Rocketbum video.. you can see he has clearly "gone of the reservation" GO NOW to and see..

I hear rumor that he has actually published ROCKETBUM 3!!'
here's the video..

If you ask me.. it just ain;t nice to fool mother nature.. or steal a man's sidekick..

Now a short story.. ther eonce was a boy, who was praticaly a prince, and he stole a sidekick.. named Tonto.
Fastforward 25 years.. and he is now living in a cave in Afganastan, fucking camels, and goats, and other men with stinky beards. His name Osama BInLaden.
See nothing but evil can come from stealing a sidekick.

Did you see the video of what happened to the man who stole Batman's Robin?
Here is is.

that's right Al Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi once tried to take robin off into the desert so that he may "know" him.. now BOOM.. dead.

Shit can happen..


NixEclips said...

Sorry about the lack of evil on 6/6/6. Not my fault. Check us on Sunday.

DelorumRex said...

well nixie old boy we're blamin' you anyway.. but isn;t that always the case.. biotch!