Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Testing, Happy 666, Duke Lacrosse and PotatoeBabies

Another test.. I am testing a new piece of software.. (actually an old piece new to my computer)

So if this works, you may actually get fewer typos and misspelled words.. I know you are all heart broken.

Happy 666 as long as we’re chatting..

I actually work with a few people that were not going to come in today.. Can you fucking believe it!?!

I live in a far flung notch of the bible belt.. lots of ultra-Christians here.. Many throw their Christianity in your face at ever possible occasion, only to stab you in the back, steal from you or just generally screw you over at every opportunity.. Fucking hypocrites!

So for them.. Today I say.. HAPPY 666!

Duke Lacrosse: I am working on the next chapter of the Duke Lacrosse saga.. But I have to admit.. When I read that last one I have to stop and have a wank, and then all I want to do is have a ciggy and cuddle.

So I am a little behind.. Let’s just say that the bit I have just seems anti climatic, after the lovemaking (animal sex) of the last chapter.

But fear not.. I am working on it.. It’s just a bit slow.

In local news.

My friends “The PotatoeBabies” played at the festival of the arts last weekend, I had to go do some shit, so I missed their performance, but I hear it was more outrageous than ever.. (yes, even they topped themselves.. Yikes) and as a result, they were asked to NEVER come back again.. Well CPS you had a good 16 year run at festival, and now you know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a reformer church douche bag.

Go check them out at try to follow the links to their blog for he story and links to the photos.. Located somewhere on photo bucket?

And that wraps up this small section of my random thinking.. See not many typos at all..

(now if I can just get this crap to load.. Ohm huuu)



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