Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Feeling Strange?.. the Doors, People Are Strange.. the Video

Guess I am just in a strange mood today. and feelin groovy..

MY friend Mal tells me to look at the Counting Crows Video on Youtube..

Sounds like across between Peter Gabriel, and something.. not sure what exactly.. but here it is for my Pal Mal.

Cause counting crows is kinda cool, in a funky sorta way..

SO anyone have any requests?
Okay fine. take this upside your head.. a little abba.. (how ya like me now?)
Hehehe.. (Abba is swedish for F'ing Evil! I am just sure of it.. )

take that Disco haters!

(Oh please make it stop.. make it stop!!! ) Oh Lord please deliver us from Abba and lead us not into Barry Manalow...

(OH YEA!!! Well Take this then!)

(Soon my evil plan to take over the world through Disco will be complete.. muhahahahaaaa!)

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