Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Why one should never mix acid and your PC..

Warning, what you are about to see my be disturbing to younger viewers.. those with pacemakers, those who just spent a fortune on a new PC and anyone with skin or eyes.
I recomend you just go and hit the next blog boutton and skip the whole damn mess.

Thanks to my pal Mal over at
Come to think of it.. has anyone seen my pal mal? (
I even looked for him at inyourfaceforbreakfast and found him curiously absent..
I wonder if he finnaly went on that Dan Brown DaVinci Code tour and got lost in the Louvre?

In further Technorati news.. Terrorists and bush still suck.. now back to our regulaly scheduled program..


And in other video news..

The blood hound gang.. bad touch.. aka The Discovery Channel Song..

Unn Tis Unn Tis Unn Tis

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