Wednesday, June 27, 2007

oh my oh my! sex!

Noelia and Sexy Girls on YouTube

Uploaded by wallyworld

sexey girl!

now to place a bunch of kaywods here..
sorry i dont speel well enough!

but i did get the majoity here

thas walley
good bye...for now

Yep...the two hottest tags on Technorati right now. The spammers are attacking YouTube with sexy girl videos like there's no tomorrow. They've worked out that all you need do for hits is drop a Sexy Girl stillframe right smack in the centre of your video and YouTube will use that as your thumbnail - and of course your Hits go off the Richter. But that's soft-porn - it's got nothing on the Noelia Sex Tape that's doing the rounds at the moment. I smell another TammyNYP feeding-frenzy. The tape is out there but its hard to find (hard to find ha ha) and some profiteers are charging for the Download. Not me. I can steer you straight to it. But I wouldn't mind a beer for my efforts - took me hours to find this. It's definitely Hard Core (with anal) and absolutely Not Safe For Work. Who is this Noelia you ask? She's a Puerto Rican singer - very popular in the latino world. And they reckon this is definitely her in this video because you can clearly see a large Tattoo on her right lower tummy - which she's flashed before, I take it. OK OK here's the link...but no kidding...this is pretty raunchy stuff...don't say I didn't warn you - Noelia Like You've Never Seen Her before . Now my host is going to want a Please explain so you better get in quick before they make me delete the link.

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