Saturday, November 29, 2008

AVM News X2

Back from polyclinic..
Oh, walked there cause my dad left his ez-link card + work pass at his workplace.. It was raining liao. So too bad.. Ok, reached there, take queue number. Register then met the doctor. Lol. She was asking damn lot of question and making comments like "It must been a shock for your father" Lol...and "AVM are rare, so cannot really say". Ok, then went to Treatment room. The nurse said that I don't need anymore dressing. Put plaster oni for the raw wound. Ok, left the polyclinic and went to buy dinner... Then took 293, got this really cute guy behind me.. Lol... Haiz.. Went home and now blogging. Anyway, was thinking I was lucky to get one the best neurosurgeon, Prof Ivan Ng. Lol.. Dr. Kumar damn funny. He went to my bed at the hospital, then the nurse said I had AVM, then he walked away... I rarely see Dr. John Thomaz... but I didn't get him as my doctor
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Keep on praying for Amy, but she’s doing Better….
These two post are out of Amy’s Caringbridge journal…As you can see, she’s doing much better. Continue to pray for her! Thanks for all those who have been praying.

thank you all for your prayers! the bleeding has stopped and amy is doing alot better now! please continue to keep her in your prayers.
more to come in the morning.

-Overton Family-

This is Janet Sue, Amy’s mom. We have had an exhausting 35 hours. Amy’s surgery was not an easy one. There was so much bleeding. They were having a hard time with keeping enough blood in her because she would bleed out really fast.
Let me explain. Amy’s body formed veins called AVM’s that compensated for oxygenating the blood through her heart and body. The AVM’s look like small clusters of running veins. She has tons of them in her chest cavity, lungs and around her heart. This is where the bleeding is coming from. The surgeon closed her up and sent her to ICU, she is still bleeding, she is trying to give Amy’s body time to take over and see what it can do on it’s own. The bleeding could slow down, if not, she would have to reopen Amy’s chest and try again to stop the bleeding.
Around, I don’t even know what time it was, sometime late afternoon, the surgeons reopened Amy and attempted to stop the bleeding. This attempt was successful. Her dad and I saw her a few minutes ago and the bleeding has almost completely stopped. Her face is really puffy. She has warm skin with pink nail beds. No more smurf blue. She is pale but she is pink. We are on our way. We still have along hard road ahead of us.
Please keep praying. Amy loves each one of you. You know her friends and her family are very important to her. She will be very touched by all your kindness and prayers. I will update tomorrow as we know more about how she did through the night. I can’t stay with her tonight and it’s very hard. I trust in God and He is holding her hand.


May God help....

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