Saturday, November 29, 2008

Don't worry....

Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Mantra to a Long Life

The first thing that stirs an attraction in me for someone of the opposite sex is a smile – not the sexy, half curled lip kind, but the full teeth treatment that travels all the way up to his eyes and makes his whole face glow. And if there’s one thing better than a smile, it’s a full-bodied laugh that comes from the heart. Yes, humor is what turns me on, and I’d like to believe that people who laugh a lot are happy people.

New research has actually proved the old adage that laughter is definitely the best medicine – a study conducted by scientists at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam says that people who are happy tend to live longer than their depressed and morose fellow human beings, by as much as 10 years. While the researchers may have used scientific data and statistics to prove this conclusion, here’s my take on why happiness and laughter prolong life:

· You’re free of stress: High levels of stress are as bad for your heart as continuous smoking or eating foods with high fat content. If you’re constantly stressed, both at work and at home, you run the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and strokes. Happy people don’t let stress affect them because they take things as they come and are not disappointed or angry when things don’t go their way. This automatically reduces their chances of contracting diseases and increases their life expectancy.
· You have a positive attitude: A positive attitude works wonders for your confidence level and boosts your feeling of general wellness. If you’re upbeat and happy all the time, people around you tend to be happy too. And when you see that your family and friends are happy and satisfied with life, you tend to relax and keep your stress levels low.

Happiness is an elusive bird that evades us as long as we chase it, but there’s a surefire way of finding this emotion – all we need to do is look inside ourselves for the things we do have rather than worry about the ones that we don’t have, and be content with what we find. The key is to expect nothing – so when things don’t happen, you’re not disappointed, and when they do, you’re pleasantly surprised. Worry doesn’t solve problems or make them go away; in fact, you’re only increasing the number of your problems by worrying incessantly and putting yourself at risk for ulcers and other stress-related diseases. Probably the best advice you can give yourself and people close to you is - don’t worry, be happy, and live a long and healthy life.


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