Wednesday, January 21, 2009

mmmmhh Think I may start this with "Not Mine" in the Title...

I think I've got my readers confused...There are a number of posts that are not mine. They are merely posts that I have a "feeling about". Or that have a theme that I enjoy.
Up till this point, I put a link to the original post at the end of it, thinking that my readers will figure out that I am not the original poster.

So I think I'll start the next of with that in the title.
what do you think???

Okay enough of that.
News today is Thar ain't No news!!!
This is good.
Unfortunately this forces me to give you Youtube!!!

Confessions of a Grey Part 1: Rectal Probing

Confessions of a Grey Part 2

and last but not least...

Anal Probe!

Okay... they weren't AVM related... but they were fun... kinda'

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