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Shock for Jean on visit to the doctor

When Jean Silverthorne went to the doctor's suffering from headaches and dizziness, she did not expect it would lead to her being diagnosed with a rare brain condition.
The pensioner from Red House was told she has an arteriovenous malformation (AVM), which can lead to a stroke.

Now she is determined to raise awareness of the condition and is searching for other Wearsiders who have had it or are suffering from it.

Jean, 62, of Red House, said: "Other people could be in my position and not know anything about it.

"I keep thinking if this is caught early on it can benefit people.

"My symptoms were not bad at all. I was very tempted to think I won't bother going to the doctor's, but I'm glad I did."

Jean started suffering weakness down her right arm around March last year, which she originally put down to a bad fall she had suffered.

Other symptoms included a headache on the left side of her forehead and dizziness.

After an appointment at the headache clinic at Sunderland Royal Hospital, Jean underwent a scan which revealed she was suffering from an AVM.

An AVM is a tangle of blood vessels (arteries and veins) and can cause damage when they bleed in the brain.

Treatment is recommended to protect against bleeding, which can damage the surrounding brain tissue and lead to stroke, permanent disability or even death.

Jean faces three procedures at Newcastle General Hospital over the coming months.

She will have a brain angiogram in February, followed by embolisation – a technique which involves injecting liquid glue or coils into the AVM, using a catheter.

Jean will finally undergo surgery to remove the AVM.

Jean, who has two children and three grandchildren, said: "If anyone diagnosed wants to get in touch I would really appreciate it.

"If I had cancer I could join a support group and things like that, but I can't with this so I just want to find out if someone has been diagnosed with it and we can help each other."

If you have been affected by a brain AVM, email to have your details passed on to Jean.

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