Saturday, January 24, 2009

One more time...

picture of me..

alright, I will bend to the pressures of my enormous fan base (both of you).
Here is a picture of me.. at work. working hard.. and trying to git-er done.

So now that I have shown you mine.. all I ask in return is that you show me yours.. send me an email with you picture.. the more outrageous the better.

Hell if it is really good and might even get my account banned.. I may just post it here with your permission of course.. so send me your pic today.. send it to make the subject nude photos for your blog.. that ought to get my attention.

This is a repost...
It worked last time...
Okay be nice this time... i'm afraid this time.

(Mayby) Like maby I can spell...


It also is not a current pic... it is about 3 years old...maybe 4 years old.
But hey, it is one of my most current ones... (yikes)
gotta go... see you later.

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