Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Got a pair... kinda

Red lips, bloody nose, septic knee.

That’s the patient. He has a long history of a bloody nose for the 7 decades of his life and he has red dots at the vermillion border of this lips. And spiders. Not the arachnid, Mr Parker.

And now he has a knee with rubor, dolo,r calo,r tumor (I have to work the title of the podcast in somewhere). It is tapped and filled with pus and methicillin sensitive S. aureus.

It is odd how when I read an article in a journal and I see a case shortly thereafter. I suppose if I never read, I would never see anything new. The reading causes new cases to appear; I am convinced of the cause and effect.

Patient has Osler-Weber-Rendu, now called Osler-Rendu-Weber, I do not know why they changed the name order since I was a medical student. And the CID article calls it Rendu-Osler, poor Weber is aced out. OWR is congenital form of arterial venous malformations (avm’s), and wouldn’t you know it, they get infections. Brain abscesses and infected joints...

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and a second one...

At Least A Visit

It's been a while. A lot has happened, but I 'll restrict my comments to Canada and my brain as much as possible.

Two weeks ago, I had my follow-up angiogram. The coil on my aneurysm is fine, no problems. The AVM is gone too, but the Dr. saw an "early blood vessel." He thinks it is most likely scar tissue, but wants another angiogram in a year just to keep an eye on it. It's nothing to be alarmed about, for certain, not because were it not scar tissue it could be another AVM, but because we shouldn't be afraid of things that can hurt our bodies, but concerned with our souls. So we'll just keep an eye on it, like the Dr. says.
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Okay I admit it... I Led Zep'ed you again.
but They really do Rock!
I am going to work again... God knows why.
I guess I'm hopping for a full time job... with McMinimum Wage *(plus commission)... hopping and hopping...<--- am I spelling that right? (who cares)

so you wanna see some Zep? Okay!

The Ocean - Led Zeppelin
No band... just lyrics.

with band...

okay I should let you go... Peace,

I had ta do it...see ya'

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