Thursday, August 18, 2005

Blogging about blogs

Blogging about blogs
Because I am so interested in getting my blog into other peoples hands I have been reading blogs , looking for that one tip that my just make the difference, between vast readership and obscurity. (Right now obscurity is the norm for this blog.. fo shizzle)
I find it interesting that there are so many blogs about blogging.. seems that any topic is open for scrutiny so why bog about blogs?
Perhaps it is a lack of subject matter? Perhaps it is just what we all think about while we’re blogging? Hell I am doing it right now!
The blogs I hate most ore the bad poetry blogs.. why is it that so many people think that they can write poetry? Why does anyone still write poetry? Does anyone read it?
I like to read Poe, and in some cases he is a poet.. but not many.
I also own a copy of Robert Burns poetical works.. but it is an original, I own it for it’s historical significance, and not because I like to read him .. well I did read it once.. and I have to say he is about the hardest poet to read in history.. I am just glad he died about 200 years before the blog was invented!
So my fellow bloggers.. I say to you.. DOWN with bad poetry! Up with blogging about politics, day to day life, and other things that aren’t as painful as root canal surgery!
Or helo just write bad poetry and be happy.. why should I care.
The black spider of my soul…
The Black spider,
Crawling, crawling
Searching searching
My soul yearning
Yearning yearning

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