Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Politics as usual?

I feel so damn sorry for the woman in Texas who is camped outside of GW’s ranch, wanting a pow-wow with the big chief. But lets be real. Do you think that anyone can protest there way into a meeting with the president? I think it is shameful that organizations like and other like them have made this poor suffering woman their face.
To me it is a disgusting use of a person that , if you read her more extreme statements is obviously loosing it! I for one think that this war sucks! I love our men and women in uniform and regret that they have been placed into the job that they currently are in. But I am doing something by this blog, and by getting my friends and other contacts talking about the war and other political things, hoping to make some of them see things my way or at least become involved. In the political process.
Anyone that supports the efforts of by supporting this sad effort by an disturbed woman should feel ashamed of themselves!
If you want to support something, write you Representative, your Senator or your president and tell them what you think ad feel.
If you do not know who your Representative is call the congressional switchboard at 1-202-225-3121
Every state has 2 senators, contact them both. By phone and by fax, and by mail! DO IT! OR shut up!!!!
Okay point two for the day.. ponder this if you will… Illegal immigration.. if this is supposed to be a Representative Republic (democracy), why is any talk of illegal immigration falling on deaf ears in Washington? Answers that we hear are the right wants cheap labor, and the left wants a new voter base. SO basically what they are telling us is that there is NO Representation of the people in Washington. Guess what guys.. other than a few Democratic Governors trying to make political hay by saying that they have declared "State of Emergency" (despite the laws and such that they have backed in the last couple of years that make it easier for illegals to stay, get driver’s licenses, and make it not the job of the police to work with immigration officials) Despite all of that, they are the only ones I hear saying anything! Guess what guys, I think it is time to fire the current politicos.. now I know it seems like the deck is stacked against us.. look at the last presidential race.. Kerry.. a big business dem and George Bush the biggest of big business republicans.. what was the choice.. we all knew nobody else had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning other then the chosen ones from the two major parties..
Well , the deck is stacked against us.. you have a choice.. the Republicans, who support and are supported by BIG business, with interests as much outside of this country as in, or the Democrats, who’s power base comes from the poor, (that in my eyes, they keep poor with their policy of all smoke no cigar). And guess what oppressed and poor readers.. NONE OF THEM ARE POOR!!! NONE of their major contributors are poor.. and more and more it seems like the kook fringe is their voice.. so where does that leave us???
Well it leaves up looking at issues that are made bigger then they should be like abortion.. if you are pro-choice, you have to vote Dem, if pro-life you vote Republican.. life is so easy when you break it down to one issue and vote on that isn’t it.. well that is a COP OUT! As long as we the people take the easy rout and say , well my one issue is (blank) and because this party or that agrees with me, I have to vote that way, we will keep getting life doled out to us in SoundBits that make us vote one way or another.. Dem or Rep, Con or Pro..
Politicians everywhere, the US, the UK , The Congo and everywhere in between run our lives.. like it or not.. they have some power over what we hear, and see, and to that degree what we think.. that’s their job. As long as we take everything that they say at face value, life is simple.. but if you dare to ask, "How is this candidate going to effect my freedom." (one of our God given rights) the answer is much bleaker, isn’t it?
Example? When I though Kerry.. I thought, my taxes will go up, so he can pay for the poor votes he received by promising hand outs to the lazy. (And the sadest part is, that the truly deserving poor, would not see much at all, but the leaches like AL Sharpton and the Rev (HA!) Jessie Jackson and like organizations would have been paid huge) (side note.. GODDAMN POLITICS SUCKS!)
When I though Bush I though, well he may very well get us nuked, put detention camps up for non-conforming US citizens and Naturalized aliens that believe one way. (like the camps for the Japanese and German and Italian during WW II) Not bad treatment, but the German camps made more Nazis than the originally interred, by all accounts given by non-nazi German detainees.)
Of that’s a choice.. more taxes (I already pay too much and maybe more terrorism, vs. a return to the bad old days.. ) Did I vote.. nope I said why bother. (just like many of you did)
We need high quality independents.. as far as parties go I like the libertarians, (and NO I do not use drugs of any kind, you’re an ass for even thinking that) But her is what I say, support ANY independent! The two party system is broken, and unless we do something about it QUICKLY it is going to get worse. And then there will be no representation of us the people.. There is not much now, and the non-enforcement of the immigration laws already on the books proves it.

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