Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Movies That Suck Review: Fat Albert

Movies that suck review: Fat Albert

First things first, I did not rent this movie. My nephew did.
In this truly terrible piece of a wasted DVD, Fat Albert and the gang are brought out of the land of cartoons and plunged into the reality of the real world!
All to solve a problem, for a poor mistreated girl with no friends.. (who we later find out is the grand daughter of the man that inspired Bill Cosby when creating the Fat Albert character)

Okay I did not expect much when I saw the movie my nephew picked (who by the way is 24 years old!), but I like Bill Cosby, so I guess I was expecting something on par with his other comedic works?
Or perhaps a cleaner nicer version of any of the Eddie Murphy Nutty Professor stuff.. what I got was a poorly written cartoon with real actors. The plot was implausible, the special effects lame and the sound effects straight out of the Hanna Barbara vaults.

The subject matter, was very 10 year old, but I think that the 10 year olds of today are more sophisticated than this movie gives them credit for being. When I was 8 – 9 -10 The Fat Albert cartoons were cool, today’s kids would say that they suck. This movie was written just like one of those 30 year old cartoons.. it just won’t play in today’s society, to today’s 10 year olds. The humor is too simple, and today, kids eat up special effects, and such.
The subject matter of young love, and feeling lost is too mature for the 4 to 6 year old crowd that this movies SF and dialogue and humor would have appealed to. SO I say they missed the mark all the way around, and even as an old died in the wool fan of Bill Cosby , this move was a let down.

If you have a very sheltered 10 year old on your shopping list, check out FAT ALBERT on DVD..
Otherwise skip it on the shelve at the rental store, and go for the Nutty Professor stuff.

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