Friday, August 19, 2005

Does sex still sell?

I have been wondering: Does sex still sell?
As a watcher of Spike TV I know that sex is still presenting many ads on television, but I see less and less of sex in the market place in other venues. Have the ad agencies started filtering where they use sex to sell?

(of course not!)
Sex still sells, sex will always sell. So why is it, that we the American People try to bring out puritanical belief systems back out of the closet from time to time to air them in the public square?
The country is all about morals it seems, especially when you look at why people voted for our president GW. I mean something along the magnitude of 7 in 10 said that they voted for him because of his moral beliefs or moral compass.
But still sex is used in nearly every media venue to sell products... and if it were not selling those products, it would fade, from the public's view.

So why do we insist on trying to convince ourselves and those around us that we think sex is dirty? And "something private for the bedroom of married people only".. get real!

Sex is natural and perhaps the greatest gift of the creator.. nothing feels as great as the act of attempted proliferation.. don’t you think that was done with purpose (for all of you pitching intelligent design) So what's the hang up?

Disease: Alright disease is a very real concern for those who choose to have multiple sex partners.. but .. and I will type this slowly so you can understand.. the act of KISSING can spread disease.. many as deadly or deadlier than AIDS.
Yep. I said it.. hepatitis B, TB, and others are included... so why isn’t there a moratorium on dating and kissing? Because that whole idea is "just too much", so like in so many things the morally correct, are attempting to win their argument in steps.. by scaring the hell out of us, with diseases like aids. (Don’t get me wrong HIV is very real.. and it will kill you.. ) My only point is, that you are safer having protected sex, without kissing your partner, then you are to have no sex and kiss your date.
We should be saying to the youth.. screw all you want,, just don’t kiss.. and stop with the oral sex isn't sex thing.. that needs to be protected too!
Whatever happened to honesty as a moral value? Well my feel on it, is that as long as being dishonest causes a person to believe in a "larger" moral value .. (sex) then truth can go out the window for so many people in power. It is the old story of ends justifying the means.. but what is really happening is a truth that they themselves refuse to face.. that is "any prohibition, only servers to drive an activity underground, and away from truthful education, care, and even prevention.
So I say to each and every one of you, celebrate the sexual being, the sexual gift you were endowed by your creator, and have a nice safe encounter with someone today!
Flavored condoms are a good thing!

So ladies this is aimed at you, because us men have no clue.. find a guy you like, admire, or find sexy.. tell him you would like to show him how much you think of him.. place flavored condom on member.. and give him a treat. In return, ask him to do same through oral dam. OR give him a real treat and yourself to and enjoy the act of mating with him.. but only with a condom and NO KISSING! It is relatively safe, it is definitely kind, and oh so thrilling for the first time you are with somone .. there is nothing better! And who knows you may even fall in love?

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