Thursday, August 11, 2005


Okay.. I did not need to do that all in caps.. but I hope it got your attention.

Can anyone tell me how to promote a blog? I mean, if this were a regular website, I would do some tweaking in the head adn between the body tags a submit it to search engines. But this whole blog thang is new to me.. I have searched and searched.. and found some stuff that may or may not be helpful.. you just never can tell when someone is scamming you these days.. So if anyone knows how to promote a blog, and feels like this one has anything of value.. please promote it for me.. or write a comment here and tell me what you know.. or email me and tell me that way.. or just say.. "to hell with you dude" and do nothing. It is a free country.. more or less. SO I guess you can do whatever pleases you..

Peace, pass it on..

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