Monday, August 08, 2005

Warning lables and devolution...

Warning lables and devolution...

Devolution and the warning label.
Alright, I admit, this is mostly , just silly.
<-- You can tell by the hair .. no helmet used here!

I have to wonder at the speed that humans have evolved over the last several thousand years, and the rate at which they seem to be devolving now. ( I submit to you, the popularity of gangsta rap as my proof) I fear that at the current rate we will be a mouse like mammal in only a few hundred years.

Okay it is only part the fault of warning labels the rest of the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the governments that are so dedicated to protecting us from ourselves.
I don’t like Government control over my day to day life, and I don’t feel that there is a need for many of the warning labels you see on day to day devises. Example: My 500 pound snow blower has a label that says “Do not use on roof”. My wife’s hair DRYER says “Do not use in Shower or Bath”.

I say, remove all warning labels, repeal seatbelt and helmet laws! Let’s get evolution back on the road! If you are dumb enough to use a hair DRYER in the shower or to haul my 500 pound two-stage snow blower up onto your roof, lets hope you do it before you are of child bearing years!

I say as long as your not endangering other people you should be able to do whatever you want! I say , if you decide to remove the outer case of your computer screen and test for electricity using two wet finger, go for it! If you want to drag a 500 pound piece of equipment up onto your snow covered-icy roof, go for it! If you want to drive with no seatbelt and see if your car can withstand a 45 mile and hour crash into your elm tree, JUST DO IT!

Sure this is the result of an out of control legal system. When you can be awarded money for driving with hot coffee between your legs, and scalding your privates, there has to be something lacking in the common sense department of the court system that allows the case to go to trial and the jurors who decide that it is the responsibility of the restaurant to warn someone not to put hot coffee in their crotch and not the responsibility of the driver, to think gee, “Perhaps near my tender bits is not a good place for hot coffee!”

Tort reform is absolutely necessary, but I say lets take it one step further, no warning labels, no seatbelt or helmet laws and lets let Darwin decide who gets to create the next generation.

Let's look at how things really are.. wher eis the common sense that says, I have to wear a seatbelt in my car.. but I can drive a motorcycle.. I need air bags and suplimental restraints in my car.. not on my MOTORCYCLE.. I can not, drive faster then 55 on some of the worlds best highways.. but I can jump from an airplane.. (as long as I wear.. a HELMET!)
Sure.. I hear you.. "Don't you think that it is diferent driving fast which endangers others, verses jumping from an airplane?" and to you I say.. NO! You try and catch the next 200 pound mass to fall from 10,000 feet.. trust me you will be just as dead as you would be if I drove my Chevy into you at 120 mph. At least on the highway, you have a steel mesh called a car around you, to protect you from me if my chute don't open!

Life, it ain't just what you make of it anymore.. it's nutz!

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