Sunday, August 07, 2005

Follow up, Make money online WTF How?

Hello again, from out here where the buffalo roam.. and the deer and the antelopes play..
This is my follow up on my post, Make Money Online.. WTF HOW?
Since I have last written, I have stumbled across a way to actually make a little jingle for the pocket online. Sure I have a website or two, but really anyone can these days, even without any knowledge of HTML or any other programming knowledge.
I use angelfire, for a free site, and there, you could too.. trust me it’s easy.
But I ain’t here to talk to you about free websites.. I am here to talk about money…
In the last couple of months I have been promoting a book that ties nicely to one of my websites.. I make about one sale for every 100 clicks to the link , that from which you can buy the book. But what has that got to do with making money.. well for you anyway??
Lemme’ tell ya!
When you sign up for one of these programs, they will give you a link, that has your ID embedded into it. When someone clicks on that link, you get the credit for the click, and with luck they will buy the "book" and you will make a commission.
"So!" You say, "How do I get clicks if I do not have a website?"
(Even if you do have a site, pay attention to this next bit.. it makes all the difference)
Well remember when I told you that they give you a link? And remember when I told you that I sell about one in 100 that go to my link?
Well.. here is where it gets interesting.. (you may want to print this page for future viewing)
I average between $15 and $25 per sale
You can buy clicks.. cheap!
With programs like these, you can bid for keyword and non-keyword clicks for as low as 5 cents each!
Use AdBrite to buy & sell ads!
Also see expoactive, I like AdBrite better, but diversity is the spice of life!
Remember you only pay for CLICKS not for impressions (or the number of times someone sees your ad).Only for the number of clicks that an add generates. So, and here is the IMPORTANT bit, if you write honest ads, like
Bankruptcy Secrets Reviled
Buy the book that shows them all
Click here now.
Only people that are interesting in actually buying the book will click, this makes you 1 in 100 go much higher! One day last week I had a 30% sale rate per click! I have just started buying ads like this, and it will take you some time to get the right ads in the right places, but as an experiment, at AdBrite, you can post a (bid per click) network ad for 5 cents each, and then see if your ad gets clicks and if it gets sales. At 5 cents per click, I can sell one $25 commissioned book for every 499 clicks and still make money!
I would advise that you keep the amount of money you make on a sale above $15, this way you stand a better chance of making money, because you can buy more clicks, to sell that one item. Figure it will take 100 or 200 clicks to sell any item even with a good ad, and you should have an excellent chance of making serious money!
Since starting this, I have learned that there are a large number of people and companies making very good money using this technique. It is so unknown as of yet that the market is not saturated, and bid prices per click for many keywords are still very reasonable!
Here is one place, that offers excellent commissions and an easy to follow program, you can see some of the items that they promote below, feel free to click them to get more information, just be sure that if you decide to give this little secret a try that you will click my link to get to there site. (see I told you to print this page.. heck I think you should save this blog to your favorites right now!)

Promote books and make money at Mind Like Water

Promote books and make money at Mind Like Water Find out how and Click here now!

Alright so books aren’t your thing?
Try or Commission Junction.
Click Here for Commission Junction
here you can actually sell all sorts of items and/or promote websites with banner advertising.. I still say stick to products, and use the system I outlined above! But do go to (Click Here for Commission Junction) and find out what sorts of products you can promote, and be sure to look at the commission structure for each too.. this is amazingly simple!
MAKE MONEY! Make lots, and then come back here and thank me.

(okay I know we are all afraid to loose money, but to you I say, what have you got to loose? Go to AdBrite, and set up an add for a product you get from or one of the books I talked about above, and buy 100 clicks at 5 cents each.. it is only $5.00 that you stand to loose.. less than large and fancy coffee at starbucks! )
If you have questions post them here as a comment, and I will do my best to answer them. Remember I am new at this too, but it is working for me, so together we will learn.

Alright, lets recap, and let me see if I can put this into simple seasy to follow steps.
Go to Click Here for Commission Junction
Go to mind like water Promote books and make money at Mind Like Water Find out how and Click here now!

Sign up for the affiliate programs. It is FREE and easy.. yes I said free. And pick a couple of high paying products. Remmber you want $15.00 + commissions with each sale.

Then go to AdBrite Use AdBrite to buy & sell ads!
Sign up here, Wite a truthful and easy to understand ad for your new product. (Remember you will want text only links, and if you need help leave your concern or question here as a comment) bid for Network Advertising at 5 cents per click. I am running 3 ads right now, and watching results, you should run at least this many. I will be running more in the next week or so.

Make money.. with luck you will make lots of money!!!
Any Questions?

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