Thursday, August 11, 2005

Movies that Suck Review: Alexander

Okay, I got a thing for Angelina Jolie.. I mean she is the one woman in the world that by her sheer beauty alone, could total ruin me.. I mean if she asked me to jump off of a bridge for her.. there would be a splashing sound before she finished the sentence.

So I rented Alexander on DVD from my local blockbuster.. ( I even like Oliver Stone movies as a rule, so I had high hopes)
It had some action, it had some Angelina Jolie.. it had me sleeping inside of the first hour. It literally took me three sittings before i made it through! And even then I cannot recall much of it.. it is all just a blur.. battle scenes shot by what looked like the cinematographers form Blair Witch Project.. Over acting that made many of Chuck Norris's early movies look like academy award winners.. I mean it really sucked.. front to back all the way through!

If you want to own this piece of tripe you can do it by clicking on the picture below.. and if you do.. I wish you well.. and hope you find that really talented Psychiatrist you’ve been looking for. On the bright side, at least it helped cure my insomnia.

Now on the other hand, if you want to see Angelina Jolie as nature intended.. naked and beautiful, and seductive.. try taking lives! An excellent sex scene makes this a 5 star showing.. Bravo Diva! Bravo Diva!

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