Friday, September 09, 2005

News coverage of the Katrina Disaster. Part II The News Coverage

I wish I knew that this could be effective. But here goes any way.
After watching hours upon hours of tragedy surrounding the Hurricane Katrina disaster, and knowing that for every story of evil doing that there is a dozen stories of heroism and kindness, but never seeing the heroes of doers of good deeds lead the evening news.. I am fed up.

I want to start a email chain letter.
I want you to copy and post this into the body of an email and send to everyone on your mailing list.
Then Carbon Copy it to every one of the news agencies emails listed at the bottom of this posting. Also feel free to add to the list of email addresses of news organizations, as I am sure I have left off more than a few.

Perhaps together we can stop the spread of our moral decay, but stopping it’s advertisement in the news.

-start copy-

Dear National / International News Organization:
I have decided that I will no longer watch your news cast. I have also decided that I am going to ask everyone I know to stop watching your newscasts. The reason is simple, through today’s news and the speed of which news is communicated though radio television and the internet, modern news organizations have more than enough bad news, and news of the moral and social decay of the population to fill however many hours you need to fill. It has been a choice of the programmers, to lead with what bleeds for too long. I am sick and tired of always getting nothing but bad news. I feel it contributes to the social depression and decay that is evident all around us.
Until such time that you have decided that stories of victory and kindness are as important as those of death and destruction, I will not watch. I will ask everyone I know not to watch, until your ratings are so low that you must change your format or go the way of the do-do bird.
I will watch my local news station as long as they provide me with helpful information like the weather and stories of human interest, and will switch the channel whenever I see stories that glorify violence or decadence anywhere on the globe.

Former News Viewer/ Reader.

Please send this to everyone on your contact list, and to every one listed below (at the news agencies). Also if you know of an email address of an news agency that is not listed below please add them to the list before you send it out.
Together we can make a difference.

Carbon copy sent to:

- end copy-

There are a few places like CNN and CBS that you are best off going to there website and filling in the comment form that you get when clicking the “contact us link” at the bottom of their home page. Also feel free to add your local news outlets of you feel that they subscribe to the “If it bleeds it leads” theory of news programming.

If you like, send this to your favorite talk radio host too.. I can think of a few that only preach doom and gloom.. just spread the word, near and far ,and perhaps we can get this distasteful, out of control and at times despicable practice of 100% bad news 100% of the time stopped.

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