Monday, September 19, 2005

pulling hair out.. growing balder.. cable modem...

Okay I did this to myself.. so I have nobody to blame but me.. but that still doesn’t make it easier to take.. I have a cable modem at home.. I have loved my service, for years now.. would never go back to dial up!
So I have been noticing that things are getting slower, especially when some ads pop up in Yahoo and other places.. so in my rush to perfection, I formatted and reinstalled (recovered) my system.
Okay all is well.. but then I go to connect my cable modem back up.. and i cannot get online.. ARRRRGGGHHHH!
It should go easily and quickly, it did when it was first installed.. now what happened? It looks to the system like I do not have the cable attached.. according to the system.. but I do.. so I went looking for lost drivers and only seem to have made things worse.. shit!
I had no idea how addicted to my morning fix of coffee and the net, I was.. but today I am going through withdrawals and can think of little else, other than my poor wounded PC sitting there helpless.. waiting for me to come fix it..
Has anyone got a 16 year old I can borrow for a couple hours this afternoon??? if not I may have to take a vacation day to get this fixed!

Looking at my reaction (or better said over-reaction) to this problem, I think I need help.. is there a 12 step program for internet junkies?
“Hello, my name is Delorum rex and I am a net-junkie.”
“Hi, Delorum.”

I can almost smell the cigarettes and bad coffee now.

You know there was a time, when I could do anything technological.. no problem.. now this simple little recovery has me two days into frustration.. I now know how my grandmother must have felt whenever her first VCR blinked 12:00 at her.. or was that her first horseless carriage when she tried to find out where you put the oats?

I will never tell.. can’t give away granny’s age, she’s too vein.

Well enough for now.. I am off “like a wild ass into the desert.”
Wish me well in cyber hell.. actually cyberhell is a pay-site, but I ain’t that kinky.

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