Tuesday, May 16, 2006

American Idol Notes: (from a reluctant ex-viewer)

Well Idol is on.. in my living room.. I am upstairs writing this.. and I don;t care... I will most likely go downstairs to hear Taylor Hicks sing, but that's about it.. I guess I was just so into Chris Daughtry, that after he left, the draw for me anyway, left with him.
To bad..
I think it will take Katherine McPhee to stand ther enaked (no wardrobe to malfunction) in order for me to watch her sing again.. and as for Elliot.. he so friggin ugly I would rather look at Kenny Rodgers' bad face lift.
The onlything even mildy entertaining other than Taylor, who I really do kinda like, is Paula and trying to gues what she is high on. (Pain Killers I have heard, and Alcohol I have heard.. I dunno, but she looks pretty waisted tonight.)

Her being a dancer, the prescription pain pill s make sense. Dance wrecks your body.. trust me I know this.. sure when you are in the teens and twenties your body does amazing things.. but at a price. I genuinly hope Paula is not a junkie.. but fear that she may be.. I realy liked her when she was hot dancing and singing and lookin fine.. and IMHO she is still pretty damn nice to look at.

So will this be the last American Idol post from the old deRex? One never knows.. shit I thought I had written Tammy NYP for the last tiem two months ago.. but she still here.. and she's still hot. and she is still well teh last great sex scandle to come down the pike.. So for now.. I give you American Idol shit from to go buy.. and if you are like me here's a chance to rent movies from Inteliflix.. try the free trial thing and enjoy. bad B-movie horror is better than watching Simon Cowel on a good night.

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