Sunday, May 14, 2006

Karl Rove.. wil he be indighted? A political break

I am taking a break for a moment to talk about Karl Rove.
This is not to say that this blog will just becoem one of the countless political blogs out there.. I prefer my normal, funny/erotic blend..
(like Kona but different)
The problem is, if Karl Rove is indighted it will do little good at this point.
A presidental pardon is alway spossible, just before leaving office Clinton pardoned a bunch of folks, and at that point there was nothing that could be done about it.
Karl ROve and Scooter Libby may end up taking the fall, but with George Bush in office and a republican house and seanet and a mostly conservite Judiciary, what difference will it make at the end of the day?

So America you turn out in droves to vote on American Idol, how about you put the same effort into voting in November.
I will not even go as far as to say that GW is an Evil Bastard, but before you spend all this energy bitching about the current situation, think about changing it. (Or if you like the status quo.. think about keeping it.. it makes little difference if you write about it, and then do nothing.)

How many bloggers bitched about Chris Daughtry's untimely exit from American Idol, and did not bother to vote for him? How many will bitch about the current political situation , and in the end will do nothing abou tit..

If you want change, or like the way things are.. do somthing about it.. otherwise it's all just hot air.
In other news.. I have changed my mind.
"Spellcheck is for people with to much time on their hands"


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