Monday, May 15, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: Saint's Blood (Part Three)

Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: Saint’s Blood Part Three.. Shaky’s

When last we left Duke he was seated in his office, his beautiful client having just left him wit a few tips on where he could fine her missing article, and a head full of lusty thoughts..

I sat there for a long time, trying to gather my thoughts about this woman.. her beauty was breathtaking, and I was finding I could get used to her whole mind reading act.

I know what I had to do that night, and first thing was to get down to Shaky’s. Shaky’s was a gin joint on the south side, full of gangsters and wannabe gangsters, and the citie’s elite that got a thrill from hanging around with the “dangerous crowd. It was 11:00 I was wide-a-fuckin-wake, and if I knew my city and its dirt bags, this Malcolm Biggs would be there, or at least someone who knew about him would be.

It was an easy drive across town, and I enjoyed it. I played that dam strange dream over aging in my head.. I was a little pissed off at myself for not being able to envision the rest of my client’s body.. but hey< I knew who I was thing about and that’s all that matters. Hell I was half tempted to take my monster out and dust him off before I got to Shaky’s.. but I had just dry cleaned this suit.. so I guess it would have to wait..

I pulled up in front of Shaky’s the Valet came out an greeted me.. I found it best to let the Valet park the your car here, that was you weren’t sitting in the drivers seat should a little surprise go off when you turned the key over. Everyone knew that here, sure your car got searched , but better to have your privacy violated than your guts blown all over 27th avenue.

He grinned until he saw it was me.. I usually tipped the little prick but not much.. fuck I didn’t want him driving my car in the first place.. and he also knew some outta town cheating husband may leave me a surprise that goes boom.. I love my business , but when you give the bad news to the ex to be, the hubby can get a bit pissed.

Inside it was like New Year’s Eve, but it was every night.. Dames, of the fucking dames! And everyone from movie stars to cheap suits was in attendance.

I found an old “friend” Franco “Finger-bang” Franchesi sitting in his usually corner, sweating all over two babes, and drinking Champaign, this was his normal spot, and his normal position, I said” For a fat fuck you sure can pull the babes Frankie.” For a minute I thought he was gonna drill me, but then he smiles, called me a cock sucker and asked me to have a seat.. he then asked me if I wanted a cigar, some Champaign, or one of his broads.. To which I said, “yes, no scotch, and maybe later”.

I gave him the scoop on Malcolm Biggs, and asked if he knew anything..
“Nah, what would a poor fuck like me know any artsy fartsy fuck for?” he grinned at me.
Then he told the girls to go powder their noses..

“Yea, I heard about this freak, fuckin guy looking to pawn some church thing, wants a hundred”K’ for it.. I don; know nobody with taste in art for that kinda dough. But I am sure one of these fucks here does.. “ He waived his had gesturing to the crowd of elite butt-sniffers.. “you wan’ maybe I put the word out for ya?”

“Yea, see if you can’t tell them you know somebody who wants to buy it?” I said.

I thought Frankie was gonna pop from laughing so hard.

“Ah ha ha ha ha! Oh fuck Duke I never figured you for an art fairy! Ah ha ha ha!!” I thought the fat bastard was gonna choke! But Frankie had gottn my eggs outta the sling more than once, so I let him laugh.. long and hard.

“Yea, call me if you get anything? I asked. Just as the girls were coming back..

“Sure , sure.. you sure you don’ wann’ pork one of deeze?” Frankie said giving the blonds breast a squeeze..
“Nay not tonight, Frankie, but I will take a rain check” I said.
The blond almost looked disappointed.. and gave me a wink as I stared to leave.. of course if my choice was that fat sweaty fuck of me.. I would probably want to fuck me to, I had to think as I left.

(so ends this part of “Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: Saint’s Blood”) Tune is later for more..

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