Friday, May 19, 2006

Tomb of Anubis (Movie Reviews) goes MySpace and in other news...

Tomb of ANubis (The best fucking Movie Review Site on line..) Goes pussy on us and gets a MySpace account.. ain't that fucking cute?
Go there and fuck with them by clicking here...

And a good bro of mine has fianly made his website look like something other than sterio instructions.. check out his hot tub website by clicking here.

And last but not least by a fucking long shot.. The Potatoebabies, are even closer to the big release of their new song. Ode To Tammy (NYP).. go give them fuckers a hard time by clicking here.. cocksuckers!

Oh shit I damn near forgot.. Nix is still depressed.. go give him some cyber at Evilshouldntlookthisgood and Mal of Mal.Ic.ious has written some cool crap in his shoot the shit area.. go give him the bird too.

Here is a vampire picture and a youtube moment..

you greedy bastards!

Thank you Anne Rice, Interview with a vampire, for making so many of us freaks the way we are.. biotch!


welcome to wallyworld said...

"Mal.ic.ious" - I like that. I see Techno has re-rated you. Well done. Wish the fuckers would pull finger and re-rate me. Can't get them to pick up the "Da Vinci" tag. Weird. And I couldn't be arsed ringing or emailing Sifry just for that. But maybe I should.

NixEclips said...

Hey, DeRex! Can you, somehow, either post this or spread it, somehow? I guess you missed out on free shit, as well. But I do appreciate your dedication, even when you go under a different name, you bastard.

Nix is coming back. Gimme a bit.

"If you haven't heard, I'm on MySpace and also the TombofAnubis now has one, as well.

Here's the fucking Tomb's link:

You wouldn't believe all the hot bitches we got as friends.

Other than that, it's just another hassle(hoff) we have to deal with, along with our blood, sweat and tears-inducing work we do for all you sick bastards.

Oh, and did I mention that we give away free movies, every once in awhile?

Oh, I was supposed to tell you? You didn't see that on the actual website ? Hmmm... Seems like somebody missed out on free shit. Imagine that.

Anyway. Join our friends. JOIN US.


Anonymous said...

I did... then you went away... boo hoo