Thursday, February 19, 2009

Got One... no me... sorry.

It’s a New Day
I arrived this morning at 6:10 to find Mike with another fever pushing 105, so I think we’re in for another long day.
I beat the doctor by 5 minutes, so I probably got maximum sleep. They cannot figure out what the fever is from yet. They are bringing in the infectious disease doctors today. Obviously it is better to know what we’re dealing with than not, so please pray to that end.
He is still on the cooling blanket that he has been on since they put him back in ICU. I am thinking this is the same thing that was used on our neighbors’ newborn daughter to preserve her life. So, in spite of everything today, I have been thanking God for the technology and thinking of little Amanda next door.
As I was driving into Rochester, I was listening to the Come Weary Saints CD. I wrote about it a couple weeks ago, when we were still at home. I decided that the Sovereign Grace people need to do another one called Come Even Wearier Saints. I thought I was weary a couple weeks ago. I wasn’t. I hope it doesn’t get any wearier than this!
I also called a friend last night and told him that I needed a pastor. He was very pastoral and told me that as hard as this all is, we didn’t make the wrong decision. I needed to hear that last night.
My parents were at a basketball game and ran into someone they casually know. His father had a stroke at age 44, which is exactly how old Mike is. They discovered it was caused by an AVM. He died a couple of years later. He told my parents that he thought it was a good thing Mike had the surgery. This is from a son, which is really why we did this, so that our kids will have a dad for many more years.
Just another way God is good. When I am starting to question what we have done, He sends both spiritual and practical confirmation that all is well, from His perspective. Hopefully by tonight it will be better from ours!



That's it.... I am at work... I tell you about it later.
Untill then... reach out and give to the person in the above blog a nice hug.

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