Sunday, February 15, 2009

Got a Few... and an bit on me.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Although I took a nap I had a very productive day. Mical and I trimmed hooves in the morning. I'll get his tonight. The goats and Prys are wormed and laundry is almost done.

Mical made me some drying racks for my fleeces. In the next few days I will finish washing fleeces and pulling the prettiest curls to sell. On Thursday I'll take the rest to the mill in Granby to be processed. That will be a huge accomplishment. I might even find time to spin. I have told myself there will be no spinning or knitting until this project is complete.

Barb is coming to Steamboat for a visit. She doesn't know it yet but I'm going to keep her busy separating curls. Wendy jumped in one day and helped. She enjoyed it immensely. It's a mindless task and has an effect much like meditation. I feel the same way about spinning.

Cody continues to leave the enclosure but has been staying on our property and hasn't ventured down the driveway to the highway. Gabby hasn't followed him and for that I'm grateful. The trench will be finished by Tuesday.

Simon is in Vegas celebrating 100's weekend. I haven't gotten a call for bail so I'm assuming he's fine and having fun. He reports to a base in Pueblo in August for the first leg of his training and moves on to Vance Air Force Base in January. I think he will be there for over a year. Most of his friends will not report for their secondary level of training until March. Simon continues to fly whenever his schedule and weather permit.

There is really no new news to report on Clayton. He now has a feeding tube and gradually they are pulling out this and that so he will have more mobility. They hope to put him in a wheelchair on Tuesday. He does not talk but does move around some. It's still unclear what level of brain damage was done and if he will see. He's had a very vacant look in his eyes but does turn to sound. He is breathing on his own but has the tracheotomy as a precautionary measure. His blood on the surface level is still not clotting and tests have not been returned. They have postponed until a later date an angioplasty. They will go into his brain and choke off remaining vessels of the AVM.

Mical took tonight's picture while he was out today. I think the falcons and bald eagles that make Steamboat their home are just magnificent.



Yes, I know that all caps means I’m yelling, but that is pretty much what we were doing in the neuro ICU at Mayo Clinic at about 7:30 tonight.

To be honest, I was quite discouraged today. Not because anything bad happened, but because it was so frustrating to not even be able to communicate. When the neurosurgical resident stopped by late afternoon, Mike had said “one” and “two,” although not in a natural voice.

As my sister and brother-in-law were getting ready to leave, several of us were in the room. Mike had been trying to do things like push the boots that prevent blood clots off of his right leg with his left leg. My mom said, “If you are bored, did you ever consider watching T.V.?” Mike then said, “Not really.” It was hard to refrain from hootin’ and hollerin’ right there in ICU!

He then proceeded to say “international” as we were for some unknown reason discussing airports. When I went in to tell him goodnight, I prayed with him. At the end he held his arm up to indicate he was praising God. I said, “Yes, praise the Lord,” to which he replied, “Praise the Lord.” Enough said.




New York surgeon gives Texas girl with a rare disorder a new lease on life

Sunday, February 15th 2009, 4:00 AM

Giancarli for News

Dr. Walter Molofsky (r.) checks out Morgan Lacy, 5, who suffers from a rare brain condition.

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I'm back... today is a rough one... so I'll save you from my bad typing.
Sorry about last night... I was having a bad one there too.
Alright time to go... see no youtube either...


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Do you have a picture of your fleeces drying? Do you just use a laundry drying rack or does it take a special rack of some kind? This is all new to me and I would love more blogs on the subject.

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