Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One from Pasture Mike's site. AVM News

One from Pasture Mike's site.

New Day, New Room

Mike has been kept very busy today. He has done physical therapy, occupational therapy, and moved out of the ICU.I decided that I needed more sleep, so I went home earlier last night and came in later today. This morning I called the night nurse to find out if Mike had slept better. He hadn’t, but the nurse finally figured out that Mike was a pastor and decided to do some speech therapy. He figured that if Mike couldn’t sleep, he’d make him talk. Nurse Dave is also a Christian, and he told me they had some good theological discussions.

This morning the occupational therapist and physical therapist were both in to work with Mike. They both feel like progress is being made. Mike sat on the side of the bed for quite awhile, and even stood to move to a wheelchair for the move to the 9th floor. Mike likes this floor better, but I liked the personal attention from the nurses in the ICU. I’m not convinced anyone knows he’s here! Maybe he will actually be able to sleep tonight without being too bothered.

I also went on a tour on of the rehab unit today. It is quite an impressive facility. There is some concern that there will not be a bed available, so that is definitely something we could use prayer for. Currently they only have double rooms available, and I’m sure Mike would prefer a single room. Once rehab starts, it is like a 9-5 job. They keep them busy all day and the patients are pretty much exhausted at night. Quite a thing to think about beginning that a week after surgery!

I started this entry over two hours ago and am finally getting around to finish it! Mike was able to get up into a regular chair for dinner. They said it helps with his core strength. It does make it harder eat, though. He is either still really hungry or the food is not too bad, because he ate almost everything.

Benj enjoyed being around here today. He was good for some laughs and helpful with Jared. Jared actually went to play at someone’s house today. They are relatives of some people who are in our church. When we were almost there, he said that he wasn’t staying. When I went to pick him up, he wanted to stay. Go figure! He had so much fun that he’s going back on Thursday. Our friend from church, Kathleen, also came back, which is a real encouragement.

When the surgeon was in this morning, he said that we’re in Genesis now and the book is long. Later Mike commented that it ends in the celestial city. That’s what this persevering is all about. We want to testify of God’s goodness in getting us from the beginning end.




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