Saturday, February 14, 2009

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First Morning Post-Surgery

Good morning, dear people. From my perspective, things look much better at 8 in the morning than at 8 at night after a long day of waiting through a surgery! According to the nurses, Mike had a peaceful night. He did not have any seizures, so we thank God for that. He was kept sedated all night, although they woke him up occasionally for neurological checks, which were all good.

As expected, he has no movement on his right side. They are going to hopefully extubate by noon and then we will know whether or not he can talk. We are still hopeful that he will be able to talk.

I was able to be in the room when they did the neurological check at 8:00. He opened his eyes and looked at me briefly, and held onto my hand for several minutes. He squeezed it three times, which for 23 years has been our personal way to say “I love you.” He also responded to pain when they squeezed the toes on his right foot and fingers on his right hand.

The plan for today is to get him awakened and see what happens. Dr. Meyer has said that Mike will not have much pain, just a really bad headache. The only reason he needs to stay in ICU another night is to make sure the blood pressure stays lower to protect against bleeding.

The neurosurgeon will be in again tomorrow morning and decide whether or not Mike can move from ICU to a regular neuro floor. He also indicated that hopefully he will be ready to have the physical therapist come and start to put together a plan for rehab.

Mike and I were engaged 23 years ago today. We keep telling each other that this is one of those “for worse” times. As far as our marriage goes, this is not a “for worse” time, as our marriage has gotten stronger. It has been, and continues to be, very stressful, but we are trusting in God to sustain our entire family through this trial.

We just found out that they have begun to wean him off of the ventilator. We will continue to post updates throughout the day.




So I've been pretty well... I still have my problems... like should I go to work... do lots... $0 payment. But the chance of making $$$ is there... it is not here.

My wife has turned mean... but that happens...

I am not making any money from home. Not really a surprise. I really do wish that I could figure out how to make a living on line.

xxx xxx xxx I would have gotten a divorce. SAD SAD!
I blame the AVM for poping when it did.

Here you go have some youtube...

Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills [1982 Music Video]

Simple Minds - Glittering Prize (1982)

Ahhh that's enough for now... if you want to see something here... just drop me a line.

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