Thursday, May 21, 2009

AMV News

A wowzing story...

For My Sister, the Superhuman

On October 4, 2007, my sister AL suffered a stroke due to a ruptured and bleeding cerebral AVM . Several months later, I sat down and wrote about the experience. My main intention was self-therapy through writing, but I also wanted to record some of the details that I thought (correctly) would fade from my memory over time.

Recently, AL and I had a conversation about how little she remembers from the weeks after the stroke (click here for a little more fore/background). I told her about my AVM journal and she was keen, so today I'm going to mail her a copy of it in its entirety. Please read on for a couple of excerpts....


And now a bit of the author...

I have an AVM... actually a popped one.

My personality has changed. (not for the better)

My ability to keep friends has also diminished.

Now I am very tiered. (hooray Naps)

I do like Led Zeppelin videos.

I do like the 80's.

I do feel like I can be better...

Minus the Led and the 80's.

I just don't get society... here I am a man... with the same drives that I had before. Sure I can't do some things that I use to. But come on... I still do a number of things the same way!

I think that they should bring me back as the Service Manager for the Hot Tub Co. I use to work for. (Nordic Hot Tubs)

They make life on Social Security a real bitch... I mean, they give me one weeks pay... for a month... How am I to live on that? I mean come on!!!!

Here is a good person... and they are F'ing me!
That is when I don't F my self.... :)

Though you mite want some Eminem...

Eminem on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

Eminem - Lose Yourself


Eminem - The Real Slim Shady

and by the way... the videos that I took down... I took down because they didn't say what I was tiring to say... I apologies.

I'm out...

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