Monday, June 01, 2009

one from my past...

What ever happend to Rocky Horror?

I was a Rocky Horror Picture Show fan!

I was one of those crazies that dressed a part, knew every line, and threw toast..

The fun of an audience participation event, is indescribable to anyone that has never experienced a mob mentality, amid at having fun and laughing a few laughs.

Were we angels? Hell no.. but we were young and in love, and we had the evening, and the cry of "Chucky Grey he's okay , he's got no fuckin neck!"

Was it all innocent fun and games? hell no!
There was a lot of promiscuity, in the back row.. and in the front too.. cause "there's more room in the front"

Now years later, I am married, to a non-participant, that finds the whole movie repugnant.. and too sexually disturbing. (I guess.. she gets real bent if I try to watch it)

I wish that the Coconut Grove movie theater would have a form a class reunion.. it would be a blast to see my fellow conspirators again.. there was An, who looked like Colombia.. there was Meatloaf.. who looked like meatloaf.. there was meatloaf’s girlfriend.. I forget her name.. but she was a fine POA and looked like Magenta.. there was Bobby, who looked like Brad, and some dizzy biotch that looked like Janet, there was Sherrie’s old man who looked and talked and walked like Riff-Raff.. and I .. I was Frankenfurter.. sweet transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania.. and together we laughed and played, and made love into the night..

I miss them all.. so guys.. if you read this.. whatta ya say? A re-gathering of the cast of characters, from the ’83 – ’84 season? I miss you all.. and still think of you often.

That one is 4 years old...
(I think it is 4... )

Never got them together... that's a shame...

The Time Warp & Sweet Transvestite

Get off the desk!!!

it's just so dreamy....


Neo said...

Eddie's gf was Magenta (what's your favorite color?)

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